Not only is Hermes the agent of Lamia’s metamorphosis from

John Keats’s 1819 narrative poem Lamia is concerned with ways of looking: it begins with Hermes’s ‘amorous’ quest to find a hidden nymph and ends with Lamia’s retreat from the ‘watching eyes’ of Apollonius. Not only is Hermes the agent of Lamia’s metamorphosis from snake to woman, he is the conduit through which the reader’s gaze is mediated. Moreover, the bodily autonomy Lamia gains from her bargain with Hermes (she reveals the nymph to him in exchange for the restoration of her woman’s form) is short lived, as she cannot disguise her true ‘gordian’ appearance from Apollonius.

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Efforts to ease contractors concerns haven worked. In July, the Crown corporation responsible for operationalizing the CBAs held several information sessions for companies. They raised a number of operational questions about how worker seniority is determined and who is responsible for safety and training.

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